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 ENERJIK Buyer Application Form (EBAF)

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your interest in our company and products.

    Enerjik is a leading Production and Export-Import company since 2001 and offers Olive Oils, Crude and Refined Sunflower, Corn, Soybean and Canola Oils. We are producing and getting outsourced conform to International Quality, Environment, Hygiene Standards, International Olive Council and Halal requirements ongoing basis. Visit please one of our web sites at Enerjik.Biz or EnerjikOil.Com for further information.

    We are advising our product standards, specifications, packing sorts and loading details, minimum order quantity per packing sort, payment terms and conditions, our sale and purchase procedure, cooperation agreement, crude and refined packed and bulk prices in our web sites at Enerjik's Edible Oil Export Offers (OFFERS), Enerjik's Edible Oil Export Prices (PRICES), Enerjik's European Edible Oil Export Prices (EU-PRICES) and Enerjik's Edible Oil Bulk Export Prices (BULK-PRICES) continuously.

    Check please our prices and send us the Enerjik's Buyer Application Form (EBAF) online for your demand details if you have any (fill please the EBAF for your each demand details separately !) as follows:
    1. Company Name:(The
    Name of Company).
    2. Sender's Name:(The Name of Sender).
    3. Sender's Position: (The Position of the Sender in the Company).
    4. Phone Number(s): (The Phone Number(s) of the Sender or Company).
    5. E-Mail Address(es): (The E-Mail Address(es) of the Sender or Company).
    6. Postal Address(es): (The Postal Address(es) of the Sender or Company).
    7. Requested Commodity: (Please advise the Name of the Commodity requested).
    8. Specifications: (Please advise requested standard or describe detailed if not in International Standard).
    9. Quantity: (Please advise requested quantity in Metric Ton (MT) or in Liters (L)).
    10. Packing Sort: (Please advise requested packing sort(s) as Bulk, in Bottle, Box, Can, Drum, Flexi Tank, Truck or any other packing sort(s)).
    11. Delivery Size: (Please advise requested delivery size(s) in lot of 20 or 40 Feet Container, Truck or Bulk, ie 3 x 40 Feet Container, 5 x Truck, etc.)
    12. Shipment Time: (Please advise requested shipment time as Spot or Shipment Until Date, Calendar Week, Month, etc.)
    13. Unloading Point: (Please advise requested unloading point if your demand request included the shipment).
    14. Payment Terms: (Either with 1% Discount by Advance Payment of Full Order Value or Fully Funded Letter of Credit for Entire Amount (FFL/C), which should be irrevocable, confirmed, and 100% payable at sight against shipment documents. Please delete advised details if inappropriate !).
    15. Bank Details: (Bank name, address, phone and facsimile numbers, SWIFT code, officer name and title, direct phone and facsimile numbers, account holder name, account number or IBAN).
    16. Other Related Information: (Any other details and related documents if you have any.)

    You are able to fill and send us the Enerjik's Buyer Application Form (EBAF) for your demand details online. Once received detail information above, Enerjik is able to accept and process your demand request according to advised Enerjik's Sale and Purchase Procedure for Buyer (ESPPB).

    Please note: If requested, we are able to sign the Enerjik's Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (ENCNDA) with the Buyer or / and Intermediary(ies) for cooperation with our company if we agreed on all terms and conditions of cooperation requirements.

    Send us please your message to our address Enerjik@gmail.com or info@Enerjik.Biz or info@EnerjikOil.Com
    if you have any query.

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