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ENERJIK Edible Oil Prices and Business Documents
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ENERJIK Edible Oil Export Prices (PRICES)

ENERJIK Edible Oil Bulk Export Prices (BULK-PRICES)

  ENERJIK European Edible Oil Export Prices (EU-PRICES)

ENERJIK Edible Oil Packing Sorts and Loading Details (OIL-LOAD)

ENERJIK Olive Oil Packing and Loading Details

20 and 40 Feet Container Dimension Details

Send Your Demand Request Form (EBAF) Online !

ENERJIK Buyer Application Form (EBAF)

Send Your Supply Offer Form (SOF) Online !

Send Your Supply Offer Form (SOF)

 Currency Rate Converter (RATES)

ENERJIK Bank Comfort Letter (EBCL)

ENERJIK Authorized Mandate Letter (EAML)

ENERJIK Irrevocable Fee Payment Agreement for Intermediary(ies) (EIFPA)

ENERJIK Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (ENCNDA)

ENERJIK Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order for Buyer (EICPOB)

ENERJIK Letter of Intent for Buyer (ELOIB)

ENERJIK Sale and Purchase Procedure for Buyer (ESPPB)

ENERJIK Sale and Purchase Procedure for Seller (ESPPS)

ENERJIK Supply Offer Details for Buyer (ESODB)

Explanations of Shipping and Payment Terms (TERMS)

ENERJIK International Registered Commercial Title (TITLE)

ENERJIK International Registered Trademark (TRADEMARK1)

ENERJIK live well  Registered Trademark (TRADEMARK2)

ENERJIK Global Location (Barcode) Number List

Honor of Izmir Chamber of Commerce for 10th Anniversary (HONOR)

International Quality Summit Award for ENERJIK International (AWARD)

Muhiddin Cetintepe - Chairman and CEO of ENERJIK International

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