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ENERJIK Sale and Purchase Procedure (ESPPS) for Seller

1. Enerjik submits the Enerjik's Buyer Application Form (EBAF) to the Seller or / and Intermediary(ies), (Enerjik is able to sign a Enerjik's Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement (ENCNDA) with the Seller or / and Intermediary(ies)).
2. Seller or / and Intermediary(ies) submits the Supply Offer Details (SOD) for Seller to Enerjik.
3. Enerjik submits a valid and completed Enerjik's Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (EICPOB) for Buyer to the Seller or / and Intermediary(ies), if agreed with SOD or negotiate with Seller, until both parties agreed.
4. Seller or / and Intermediary(ies) issues the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) or / and Draft Contract (DC) to Enerjik along with Past Performance Documents recently dated.
5. Enerjik accepts and agrees the terms and conditions of the FCO or / and DC by Signature and Company Stamp and sends it to Seller or / and Intermediary(ies) (or amends and sends it to the Seller or / and Intermediary(ies), until both parties agreed).
6. Signed FCO or / and DC sent via fax or e-mail that will be deemed as original and valid.
7. Hard copies of the Contract to be issued by the Seller and exchanged with Enerjik,
8. Enerjik signs and stamps all the copies of the Contract and returns required copies to the Seller.
9. Enerjik presents pre-advised payment instrument to be approved by Seller's Bank.
10. Seller's Bank issues 10% Performance Bond (PB) to activate the approved payment instrument.
11. Shipment and Delivery commence as per Contract.

Confirmed ESPPS is valid until completion of related ongoing Sale and Purchase Contract(s) or until written confirmation of cancellation of both parties !

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